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To register for a hunting or fishing event, please go to:

www.christianoutdoorministry.org to register. 

"We are a group of Christians dedicated to leading youth and their families to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by experiencing hunting, fishing and outdoor activities in the beauty and bounty of God’s creation." 

Dr. Danny Souder, President and Founder
SMP Global Christian Outdoor Ministry


  1.  To provide youth with mentored educational hunting and fishing opportunities to experience conservation in action.

  2.  To strengthen and bond the relationships with youth and their parents through outdoor adventures.

  3.  To provide a Christian witness and discipleship for youth and their parents through hunting and fishing events.


SMP Global Christian Outdoor Ministry is a four-legged stool:


1st Leg and Foundation – The Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ

 We want to provide a Christian witness to youth and their families in God’s creation in the outdoors in order to develop and make disciple-making leaders for the future for God’s glory.


2nd Leg – Youth, Parents, Family

Our desire, aim, and goal is to create a Christian environment where youth, their parents, family, and friends are mentored, coached, and assisted to have a positive outdoor experience through hunting, fishing, and God’s outdoor creation. We desire to assist youth and their families to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through the venue of outdoor experiences.


3rd Leg – Volunteers, Mentors, Guides, Coaches, Cooks, and Helpers

 This ministry must have mature, responsible and experienced Christian outdoorsmen and women who will volunteer their time, talents, and abilities to influence and impact youth and their families enabling them to experience a positive outdoor event through hunting, and fishing. All of our volunteers must be trained, equipped, prepared, and pass background checks in order to serve with youth and their families.

4th Leg – Landowners, Ranchers, Ranches, & Outfitters

 We must have places and locations for our events to take place so that youth and their families can experience a positive outdoor experience.  Our ministry makes sure we follow the guidelines, expectations, and requirements of these landowners and ranchers.  Conservation education and hunter safety are paramount. Landowners are provided the security of liability insurance from Christian Outdoor Ministry.


A Little Information About Our Team:


Who is Dr. Danny Souder?

  • Pastor, missionary, professional hunting guide, lifelong hunter and angler.

  • Has served over 30 years as the Dallas Police Chaplain

  • Loves the Lord, his family, friends, hunting and fishing.

  • Member of: NRA, NWTF, RMEF, TWA, TYHP Huntmaster, Dallas Safari Club, Dallas Woods & Waters Club

  • At the age of 8, began hunting and fishing with his father, William D. “Bill” Souder, former mayor of Hurst, TX for 24 years.

  • Pastored churches in Texas and Florida

  • Hunted and fished in Texas, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska, South Africa and Zambia


COM Team

Dr. Danny Souder, President

Sid Dean, Vice President

Aaron Alston, Advisory Board

Pat Johnson, Advisory Board

Steve Yates, Advisory Board

Deana Tabor, Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Lloyd, Event Coordinator & Sponsorship Marketing Manager

If you or your child are interested in being a part of the Christian Outdoor Ministry or sign up for one of our hunting or fishing events, please view the participation requirements; print and complete the Participation Application and Waiver Forms and email to COM4youth@gmail.com.

Click on the "Donate" button which will take you to the SMP Global PayPal account.  (Please write the name and date of the outdoor event in the memo section before submitting payment.  Most events require a 50% deposit to reserve a spot.  All events are on a "first come first serve" basis.